Culturally Responsive Indigenous Evaluation by Fiona Cram

The workshop shares examples of collaborative models for working with Indigenous organizations and communities. Tools and strategies to support more effective and responsive Indigenous evaluation collaborations, consultations, relationship building, authentic engagement, and reciprocity opportunities for all stakeholders and participants to benefit from IE will be shared. Method choices will also be considered, including the use of qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods evaluation designs.

Achieving cultural competency when evaluating Indigenous programs

It is often said that "Indigenous Australians are the most studied people in the country", and whilst there may be an element of truth in that statement, it is also reasonable to note that for the most part evaluations are undertaken by evaluators with varying degrees of cultural competency in relation to engagement with Indigenous communities. The need to increase the number of Indigenous people doing research at all levels of projects is important to ensure that cultural nuances and protocols are captured in the evaluation project.

This workshop will provide an overview of an evaluation framework that draws on Indigenous understandings and perspectives and western-constructed evaluation models. The aim of the workshop is to provide participants with insights into stakeholder engagement processes that will enhance their evaluation practice.