Olga Ovsyannikova

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Effective and Creative Evaluation Report Writing

This online course focuses on the key product of an evaluation: the Evaluation Report. In this course, students will learn best practices for effective and creative report writing specific to evaluation reports. Learning points and practical exercises are combined to develop skills in putting together an effective and engaging evaluation report. The course is also available in French language. The course is self-paced with no fixed start or finish dates. Enrolments are now open and will remain open all around the year.

How to Be a Successful Evaluation Consultant

This course provides the opportunity to learn how to establish, manage and maintain an evaluation consultancy from a trainer who has managed his own consultancy for more than 15 years. Issues covered include: How to set-up as an evaluation consultant and find your niche; How to find work, and to diversify and grow an evaluation consultancy; How to set rates and manage financial/legal aspects of your consultancy; How to write proposals for winning business; What are the project/team management tools, which make your practice more efficient?