realist synthesis

4th Annual CARES Summer School for Realist Methodology Training

The annual CARES Summer School is a 4-day intensive for training in realist methodology (evaluation and synthesis). The programme is designed to assist participants advance their projects using the methodology and gain increased clarity in applying realist principles to complex areas of assessment. The application of realist methodology to research projects is a craft. For many of us, collective effort and co-learning is fundamental to developing an inspired capacity for undertaking this approach. 

2017 International Realist Conference

The 2017 Realist Conference invites realist researchers, evaluators, theorists and methodologists of all descriptions, along with those who are commissioning realist work and those who are using it to inform practice and policy together to answer: In what circumstances and for whom have realist methods been useful, in what respects, and why? In what contexts have they not proved useful, and why?  How do the specific methods we use in our research or evaluation contribute (or not) to their use? What new developments or methods would further support their use?


Evidence-Based Medicine & Evidence-Based Policy: The world’s most perfectly developed method & the 79-pound weakling?

Conventional narratives have honoured clinical (especially pharmaceutical) RCTs as the world’s most perfectly developed method. The quarrelsome, paradigm- heavy field of EBP is often dismissed as a seventy-nine pound weakling. This presentation seeks to tear up these storylines.