Participatory evaluation

Mobilising Media for Sustainable Outcomes in the Pacific - Symposium

 RMIT University and ABC International Development showcase the research and launch resources resulting from a four year partnership exploring media, communication, technology and social change in the Pacific Island Region. This includes the launch of the IDEAS Guide and IDEAS Facilitators’ Guide, an entry level, practitioner-focused guide to designing and evaluating innovative media and communication projects.  

Closing the series on participation in evaluation

Leslie Groves and Irene Guijt's picture 10th August 2015 by Leslie Groves and Irene Guijt

On Wednesday, July 29, Leslie Groves and I gave a live Q and A that focused on questions from blog readers. We received so many interesting questions and clearly had too little time for in-depth conversation. Lesson learned for next time – fewer questions to allow time for a more detailed exploration of each.

The questions we received highlight people’s concerns with respect to making evaluation processes more participatory. We had eight different kinds of questions:

Participation not for you? Four reflections that might just change your mind

Leslie Groves and Irene Guijt's picture 12th June 2015 by Leslie Groves and Irene Guijt

​​​This month we start a series on participation in evaluation by Leslie Groves and Irene Guijt. This blog series aims to explore one simple question: How can we best open up evaluation processes to include those intended to benefit from a specific project, programme or policy? A simple question. Yet one that is surprisingly often not considered or quickly dismissed in international development.

Análise de contribuição

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Análise de Contribuição (Contribution Analysis) é uma abordagem para avaliar questões causais e inferir causalidade em avaliações de programas reais. Este recurso oferece uma abordagem passo-a-passo projetado para ajudar gerentes, pesquisadores e formuladores de políticas a chegar a conclusões sobre a contribuição que seu programa fez (ou está fazendo) para resultados específicos. O valor essencial da análise de contribuição é que ele oferece uma abordagem destinada a reduzir a incerteza sobre a contribuição que a intervenção faz, a partir dos resultados observados, através de uma maior compreensão do porquê os resultados observados ocorreram (ou não!) e os papéis desempenhados pela intervenção e outros fatores internos e externos.