Evergreen Data

Stephanie Evergreen's website and blog provides ample reading and guidance on data visualization techniques, taking a research-based approach to effective communication of ideas.

Creative Data Visualisation training

Data visualisation is concerned with transforming the data buried in complex reports and statistics into concise images that communicate concepts in a clear and actionable manner. The two day workshop aims to introduce participants to various techniques to improve standard data visualisation (diagrams and charts) and to create innovative visual products that can facilitate the communication of complex stories and ideas.

Data Visualization for Decision Making in HIV Programs

Join MEASURE Evaluation April 27 at 11am EDT for a webinar on data visualization for decision making in HIV programs. With the introduction and strengthening of electronic health information systems, health data have become increasingly available in digital formats. Access to data, however, is not sufficient. Data â€‹visualization can help would-be data users to see patterns, trends, and correlations that might otherwise go undetected. 

Workshop: Seeing is believing: Develop your data visualisation skills to communicate effectively and facilitate decision making

Presenting results so stakeholders easily understand them is critical aspect of successful evaluations. This workshop will develop your skills to grab the attention of your stakeholders and communicate evaluation findings effectively through visualising data.

You will discover the good and bad of data visualisation and learn the key principles to apply to reporting and presenting quantitative and qualitative results. The benefits of these techniques are many: results are more accessible, the meaning of complex information is clearer, and decision makers can grasp the key information more quickly.


An infographic (information graphic) is a way of representing data visually so that the information is able to be quickly and easily understood. Infographics make display the big picture in a simple manner, and can tell a story or message and highlight data patterns, relationships and changes over time.