Indigenous* Evaluation

We would like to make the BetterEvaluation website more useful for those involved in Indigenous evaluation. This includes evaluators, people who do evaluation as part of their job, people who commission or manage evaluations, and people who use evaluations.

* We acknowledge that the collective term “Indigenous” is not necessarily used by all First People.

We are starting a process of engagement and consultation around how we should do this.  We would like to work together to identify:

  • existing resources that could be made more accessible
  • examples of good practice that could be documented and shared, and
  • priorities for further development, including possibly making more material available in hard copy or downloaded digital form (eg USB).

You can be involved through:

  • suggesting particular resources or processes for consultation
  • providing feedback on content, structure and usability as the material develops
  • letting us know what would be most useful to include on the site to support your work in Indigenous evaluation

If you would like to find out more about the project, please contact us by email. As part of the process, we will be discussing the project at the 2017 AES conference, in informal meetings and discussions at the BetterEvaluation booth.

This project is being funded by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PMC). Copyright and intellectual property rights are protected.  Resources are only added with permission and may be included through providing links to where they are housed.  Attribution of authorship is always maintained. Any resources created as part of this project will be shared under a Creative Commons process which requires attribution and permits non-commercial use.

Australasian Evaluation Society 2017 International Conference

There were a number of conference sessions on Indigenous evaluation. You can click the links for more information about the different sessions or go to the AES17 Conference Website. (If we have missed any, please let us know and we will add them).

As the conference has now concluded, a list of uploaded presentation slides can be found on the AES website.

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 Emotions, relationships, and politics between external evaluation consultants, program staff, and non-Indigenous organisational cultures in the conduct of evaluation of Indigenous programs Shelly Rao • Sissy Austin • Rebecca Harnett • Lauren Siegmann


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