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Open online courses

Effective and Creative Evaluation Report Writing - In this course, students will learn best practices for effective and creative report writing specific to evaluation reports. Learning points and practical exercises are combined to develop skills in putting together an effective and engaging evaluation report.

Cutting-Edge Monitoring & Evaluation: A Guide for Practitioners - This course lays the ground for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) by considering challenges in current M&E practice, introducing a tool-box of evaluation techniques and showing where these can be best applied. 



Canadian Evaluation Society Conference - Facing Forward: Innovation, Action and Reflection
Canada - 30th April 2017 to 3rd May 2017 - Paid

The 2017 Canadian Evaluation Society Annual Conference will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, April 30th to May 3rd. The theme of the conference, “Facing Forward:  Innovation, Action and Reflection”, is designed to inspire evaluators at all levels to delve into the latest methods and approaches evaluators are applying in a wide range of contexts and help us explore the ways in which we can incorporate reflection into practice.



Journées du réseau F3E
France - 4th May 2017 to 5th May 2017 - Free

Les 4 et 5 mai 2017, le F3E organise la première édition des Journées de son réseau. Pour ce temps fort, il a choisi un thème faisant écho aux enjeux actuels du secteur : « Comment apprécier notre contribution au changement social ? » Sur deux demi-journées, à Paris, dans un espace convivial, seront proposés tables rondes, ateliers, stands, expositions et espaces de rencontre afin de stimuler les échanges. Ces Journées croiseront témoignages de membres du réseau et apports d’expert-e-s francophones renommé-e-s pour former un temps conçu par et pour les acteurs et les actrices du développement.


How to Facilitate Writeshops - Approaches & tools for writing stories and learning from practice
Netherlands - 15th May 2017 to 16th May 2017 - Paid

How can social change and development practitioners write interesting and thoughtful stories and case studies, to learn from and to communicate to others? How can they do this in collective ways that improve reflection and learning practices? A “Writeshop” is a creative and disciplined method for reflection, learning and documenting stories that are worth sharing. This workshop offers training to facilitators to design and facilitate such Writeshops.



RDI Conference: Partnering for Impact on Sustainable Development: collaboration, coordination and solidarity
Australia - 13th June 2017 to 14th June 2017 - Paid

The Research for Development Impact (RDI) Network and the University of Sydney invite you to join the 6th RDI Conference to be held on 13-14 June 2017 in Sydney. This Conference promises to offer international development practitioners, academics, students, consultants and private sector representatives a unique opportunity to explore and develop opportunities for cross-sector collaboration and partnership. The theme for 2017, Partnering for Impact on Sustainable Development: collaboration, coordination and solidarity, builds upon the vision of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and will combine data, innovation, and expertise in analysing development impact.

Evaluation that matters. Ways to improve public policies.
Poland - 21st June 2017 to 22nd June 2017 - Free

This year Ministry of Economic Development and Polish Agency for Enterprise Development hosts 12th International Evaluation Conference  "Evaluation that matters. Ways to improve public policies." The event will take place in Wrocław 21st – 22nd June in Mercure Hotel at plac Dominikański 1. The aim of the conference is to present the results of public policies in the European Union. The evidence provided by the evaluation study not only illustrates the results of the actions taken, but also explains the socio-economic mechanisms, opportunities and barriers of the countries concerned.  


Summer training course on Advanced Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting
Italy - 14th June 2017 to 21st June 2017 - Paid

This is the 12th annual season of the Monitoring and Evaluation Professional Summer Training Programme for Development Experts and Practitioners. The focus this year is on two methods for planning, monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) - Advanced Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting - that enable programme managers to plan, implement and report on their outcomes in dynamic environments where development results can be both planned and unanticipated. The two modules on Advanced Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting are designed as tools for the adaptive management of complex development programmes, beyond the usual M&E methods of Result-Based M&E and the Logical Framework.



International conference of Australasian Evaluation Society
Australia - 3rd September 2017 to 7th September 2017 - Paid

The theme of the conference is Evaluation Capital.  While hinting at the national capital location (Canberra), the conference theme highlights two important ideas: evaluation is a durable asset for sound governance; and  the inherently political nature of evaluation.