What are your two favourite evaluation resources?

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What are your two favourite evaluation resources?

BetterEvaluation is all about sharing information on options and advising each other towards better evaluation practice. To this end we want to open this discussion thread for us all to share two of our favourite links to evaluation resources: articles, papers, guides, examples, case studies, websites... any thing you feel might be of value to other members of this commnity - including (or perhaps especially) stuff that you've written yourself.
To get us going, I'll share my two:
1) Blog: Results 2.0: Towards a portfolio-based approach... A blog by Ben Ramalingam, a former colleague, who presents a talk he gave at a recent event in the UK hosted by the Overseas Development Institute and the Institute for Development Studies and attended by the Secretary of State for International Development. He presents a compelling framework that gives space for different notions of results. It resonates very much, in my opinion, with the BetterEvaluation philosophy of situational responsiveness.
2) Evaluating the effects of international advocacy networks... A paper that came across again today, by a colleague and seasoned evaluator, Ricardo Wilson-Grau. It's a great resource because it tackles three common challenges in development evaluation: networks, advocacy and social change.
So, what are yours?

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Difficult question to select

Difficult question to select just two blogs... This year I have found great stuff in the blogospere, and thanks to Google Reader I can be aware of any new post. But well, here are my two options (of the week!):


1) Development Impact:A blog hosted by the World Bank where you can usually find very interesting stuff and discussions around Impact Evaluation. Although it could have a profile more oriented to the kind of evaluations the WB could like more, I have find very useful readings there.

2) AEA365: A Tip-a-Day by and for Evaluators. Every day you can receive by email or RSS a short Tip for Evaluation, covering a wide range of topics. Written by beginners and guru evaluators as well.



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My Network!

I can't keep up with the flow of articles, so when I have an evaluation question, I tweet, post a question on Facebook or Google+ or on one of the fabulous  communities I belong to (mostly via email lists). I hope  BE grows to be another part of that fabulous network! 

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