Seeing Like a Citizen: Participatory Video and Action Research for Citizen Action

This article from Joanna Wheeler of the Institute of Development Studies outlines the uses of participatory video as a means to understand and reflect the lives and perspectives of the participants of a project or program.

"This piece... explore[s] the dimensions of participatory video, in terms of its characteristics as a visual and digital medium, in order to understand how participatory video can amplify and reflect processes of social mobilisation and people’s identities as citizens within that." (Wheeler, 2011)


  • What exactly is participatory video?
  • What did we learn?
  • Relationships to the consumption and production of knowledge
  • The aesthetics of participation in digital video
  • How does PV relate to existing power relations, roles, and identities?
  • Seeing like a citizen, learning modes of citizenship through participatory video


Wheeler, J. (2011). Seeing like a citizen: Participatory video and action research for citizen action. In N. Shah & F. Jansen (Eds.), Digital (Alter)Natives with a Cause? Book 2 – To Think (pp. 47-60). Retrieved from

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