Evaluation questions

This webpage from EuropeAid provides a detailed guide on the use of evaluation questions. It is also available in French and Spanish.

It provides an overview of their purpose and outlines where they can be derived from, selecting key questions, drafting questions and who should choose the questions.

There are also links to a variety of different examples of evaluation questions across different contexts:


European Commission EUROPA (2005). Evaluation Questions. Methodological bases Evaluation process (How?) Evaluation questions Examples. Retrieved November 7, 2012

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Nick Herft

Hi Benedictus, 

Unfortunately I could not find it either. It appears the Europa site has had some redesigning/restructuring so many of their pages aren't in the same location anymore.

I was able to find a stored version of their webpage using the Wayback Machine. The images aren't stored but all the text information is still there.

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