Evaluation Plan for The Aksi Stop AIDS (ASA)

This evaluation plan from the Aksi Stop Aids (ASA) project was developed as a a tool for ensuring agreement on the evaluations’ overall purpose, the evaluation questions and the data collection methods and procedures. The plan was also used to support the collection and analysis of data and the production of the final report

It is a comprehensive evaluation plan that outlines the overall objectives, indicators and data collection options to be used for coordinating the execution of the evaluation. 


Specific Options Mentioned

  • Utilization Focused – p. 4
  • Multiple and Mixed Option – p. 4
  • Collaborative and Participatory – p. 4
  • Document review of monitoring reports –p. 4
  • Geographical Mapping – p. 5
  • Existing data from survey – p. 5
  • Existing reports – p. 6
  • Key Informant interview – p. 6
  • Focus group discussion – p. 7
  • Observation through site visits – p. 7


Coghlan , A et al (2005). Evaluation Plan for The Aksi Stop AIDS (ASA). Surabaya and Jakarta, Indonesia: ACTion Consulting. 

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