Evaluation Questions Checklist for Program Evaluation

Created by Lori Wingate and Daniala Schroeter, the purpose of this checklist is to aid in developing effective and appropriate evaluation questions and in assessing the quality of existing questions. It identifies characteristics of good evaluation questions, based on
the relevant literature and the authors' own experiences with evaluation design, implementation, and use. 

What are some processes that can be used to get agreement on the Key Evaluation Questions?

Alice Macfarlan's picture 26th September 2017 by Alice Macfarlan

The material from BetterEvaluation comes from a combination of curating existing material and co-creating new material.  This blog is part of an ongoing series about material that we have co-created with BetterEvaluation users. It shares material that was jointly developed through a challenge process at the 2017 Australasian Evaluation Society conference in Canberra in September.

52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 28: Framing an evaluation: the importance of asking the right questions

Mathias Kjaer's picture 9th July 2013 by Mathias Kjaer

BetterEvaluation recently published a paper which presented some the confusion which can result when commissioners and evaluators don’t spend enough time establishing basic principles and understanding before beginning the evaluation. This blog, from Mathias Kjaer of Social Impact (SI), uses a recent evaluation experience in Philippines to present some tips on how to choose the right questions to frame an evaluation.