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Who will use evaluation findings?

List the specific people, in a specific position, in a specific organization who will use the evaluation findings and who have the capacity to effect change. These are the people who you will want to engage from the beginning of the evaluation process and the people who will assist in framing the evaluation. This list of people will be specific to each evaluation situation that you are engaged in.

Research into how evaluation findings are used shows the importance of the personal factor493. The personal factor, a specific person or group of people who care about the evaluation findings, is the single most important predictor of evaluation finding use.

‘The personal factor is the presence of an identifiable individual or group of people who personally care about the evaluation and the findings it generates. Where such a person or group was present, evaluations were used; where the personal factor was absent, there was a correspondingly marked absence of evaluation impact.’

Engage your primary intended users from the first stage of the evaluation to ensure use. Take their considerations, of timing and reporting structure for example, into account when developing and delivering evaluation findings.