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What are options for reporting?

Consider the different formats available for reporting. Depending on your audience, you may want to develop a number of different reports for each set of stakeholders. Work with your primary users to determine when and in what form they want to receive evaluation reports. Some organizations have prescribed formats for evaluation reports.

Points to consider in choosing the format are:
•    How does the audience prefer to receive information – text, graphics, numbers, a mixture of all of these?
•    How long is the preferred report?
•    Where is the audience based (this may inform whether you use web-based formats)?
•    How sensitive is the information in the evaluation report?
•    What resources are available to develop a polished final product?

Consider the following formats:
•    Creative: Cartoons, Photographs, Pictures, Poetry, Theatre
•    Verbal: Flip Charts, Posters
•    Visual: Powerpoint, Video
•    Written: Executive Summaries, Final Reports, interim reports, news media communications, newsletters, bulletins, briefs and brochures, Memos and email, Postcards, Website communications

For help in deciding which of these to use see Choose Relevant Report Format.