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  • Utilization-Focused Evaluation

    To coincide with EvalPartners' e-learning unit on Utilization-Focused Evaluation (UFE), this week BetterEvaluation is highlighting the wide variety of resources that are available to those who'd like to learn more about this approach.

  • Communicating evaluation findings


    This blog post summarises some great tools, methods and tips for enhancing your communication and evaluation reporting.

  • Update August 2012

    This is an update for our early site users on what's been going on in August. The website is still under development but we are now undertaking a series of tests in anticipation of going live.

  • Evaluating rural extension

    The Guide to Evaluating Rural Extension is a new resource produced by The Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS).

  • Seven evaluation methods to add to the toolbox?

    In a recent workshop on 'Designs for Performance Evaluation', which Patricia Rogers conducted with program officers from USAID, we looked at seven methods and strategies which might be usefully added to the repertoire  for collecting, analyzing or synth

  • Forming Partnerships

    I come from an agricultural research and development background and am convinced that the complex problems we deal cannot be addressed by one organization alone.

  • Update on BetterEvaluation

    The fully interactive site will go live at this URL later in 2012 [Updated - now scheduled for September 2012].

  • Issues raised by participants in InterAction Forum

    As part of the 'Impact Evaluation in Action' session at last week's InterAction 2011 Forum last week, participants were invited to consider a recent impact evaluation they had been involved in, and to identify one thing that worked well, and one remaini

  • EvalThoughts

    This site promotes discussion on evaluation-related topics. It is aimed at evaluators new to the field and those thinking about becoming or currently working as an independent consultant.