From Data to Impact: Workshop For Nonprofits & Practitioners

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United States of America

Have you wanted to measure the impact of your program but struggled with where to start? Join us for a hands-on workshop and boost your initiative's storytelling game!

Are you an organization leader or an external practitioner asked to give your board insight into the effectiveness of the programs?

You need to stop wasting resources on ineffective programs/initiatives.

In just half a day, turn your data into powerful stories that resonate with your audience.

Learning goals

  1. How to think about programs when it comes to implementing impact measurement
  2. Designing surveys that aren't long but still address the biggest question you may have about your programs
  3. Collecting data before and after your program in the right way and what to avoid (longitudinal impact)
  4. Combining qualitative and quantitative data to derive rich insights
  5. What is an impact story, and how to tell the right one
  6. How does Program A perform compared to Program B?

Who should attend

  • Nonprofit leaders with very small teams, limited technology skills, and budgets.
  • You need to collect quantitative and qualitative data and learn from them efficiently.
  • You want to communicate impact effectively to funders and board members.
  • You need to make informed decisions to allocate resources to impactful programs only.
  • You CARE to learn what is important to your stakeholders and grow.
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