Evaluation Education in a World in Transformation: The Way Forward

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IOCE Professionalization Task Force
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United States of America
New York

Second Webinar of the IOCE Professionalization Task Force.

In this webinar, Dr. Marcia Joppert will present the results of her recently defended doctoral dissertation. The study is about mapping evaluation education opportunities globally and analysing how they align with the skills of transformational evaluators and the needs of YEE.

This webinar will allow VOPEs to identify spaces and opportunities to promote and foster capacity building in its members and to deepen the understanding of how the evaluation ecosystem is constituted from the academic side, as well as to open the landscape to identify and create partnerships to contribute to the rest of the ecosystem.

One of the studies analyzes the Global Directory of postgraduate programs in the light of the inputs from the interviews with 19 international evaluation specialists and a focus group with young and emerging evaluators.

Time zone: EDT (New York)

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