Online Theory of Change in Practice (ToC) Training

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IMA International
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GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

This course gives you the opportunity to improve knowledge and skills on how social change happens and your contribution to it, using a Theory of Change lens. It will provide you with innovative tools to plan, deliver and review how projects, programmes and other activities can help make change happen. This course enables you to develop skills that will help you work with partners to design compelling projects that deliver sustainable social change.

Innovative teaching-learning methodologies are used to explore different dynamics and through group work you will explore the key concepts of Theory of Change in Practice. We critically reflect on our assumptions and their effect on influencing change. Applying participatory and other development methodologies you see your project through a Theory of Change lens.

Join our experienced facilitators, and together with a peer group, using a mix of interactive facilitation, self-learning and practical activities, and by sharing your knowledge and experiences, you will learn about Theory of Change. You will also be provided with the following:

  • Practical exercises and reflection activities
  • 6 guided 90-minute group webinars
  • Peer group work
  • Presentations and video inputs
  • Written resources and links
  • Relevant case studies
  • User-friendly platform for accessing all materials, presentations, and resources, sharing with your peer group and uploading your regular assignments to a dedicated portfolio
  • Scheduled access to mentors
  • Personalised mentoring session within 3 months after the course
  • Opportunity to apply ToC tools in your workplace

How long: 8 weeks

You are awarded a ToC certificate after completing the course and fulfilling all course criteria

Starting at £980 (excl. VAT): This covers all access to the online training materials, guided webinars, post-course support and a certificate of completion.

How to register: Apply Online via our website or contact for more information.

Application Deadline: 25th October 2024

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