Perspectives and Challenges of Educational Evaluation in Brazil

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CLEAR Centro de Aprendizagem em Avaliação e Resultados para o Brasil e África Lusófona
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The Covid-19 pandemic had disastrous consequences for Brazilian education, including negative shocks in students' learning and educational path, in addition to deepening educational inequalities. The new state and federal administrations have an opportunity to reclaim the losses that occurred, improve the educational evaluation models and invest in the use of evidence in the formulation of educational policies.

What is the role of implementing the National Education System (Sistema Nacional de Educação), by integrating the educational policies of multiple federative entities in the process of recovering learning and combating educational inequities? Which improvements in the National Evaluation of Basic Education System (Sistema Nacional de Avaliação da Educação Básica - Saeb) and in the state evaluations are required in order to increase Brazilian education in the next decades? What is the future of the Basic Education Development Index (Índice de Desenvolvimento da Educação Básica - Ideb), and how can the current educational and inequality context be integrated into the index? How can federative entities use evaluations to improve the quality of the education provided and ensure the constitutional right to education?

Those questions will be discussed in the webinar "Perspectives and Challenges of Educational Evaluation in Brazil" in order to point out paths and limits in Brazil's current educational evaluation.

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