Youth in Evaluation Week

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Youth in evaluation week promotional image which reads 'intergenerational solidarity for transformative evaluation, 24-28 April 2023'

The GEI Network is excited to support the upcoming the 5-day “Youth in Evaluation Week” being convened by the Eval4Action advocacy campaign, its regional partners, Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation, the EvalYouth Global Network and UNFPA.

The event aims to be an inclusive and intergenerational gathering of Young and Emerging Evaluators (YEEs) and the global evaluation community, focusing on advancing the meaningful engagement of youth in evaluation and strengthening the voice, learning and prosperity of young evaluators, aligned with the United Nations Secretary-General’s Our Common Agenda

10 things to know about the Youth in Evaluation week 

  1. Co-led and co-organized by young and emerging evaluators (YEEs)

  2. Launch of standards on enhancing meaningful youth engagement in evaluation

  3. Training programmes on career development for YEEs in 6 languages

  4. Featured actions that are delivering on commitments in the manifesto

  5. Youth in Evaluation manifesto adoption campaign in all regions

  6. Call for event proposal launching soon, selection by an intergenerational group

  7. Mix of global, regional and cross-regional events, in regional languages

  8. Multiplatform events and advocacy, including Twitter Space dialogues

  9. Outcomes to input into EvalYouth Summit

  10. Everyone is invited to collaborate and participate!

Youth in Evaluation week concept note


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