European Commission - Terms of Reference Guide

This guide from the European Commission is designed to support staff in the development of Terms of Reference for evaluation reports.


  • Background
  • Evaluation objectives
  • Issues to be studied
  • Methodology
    • Management and steering of the Evaluation
    • The evaluation approach / process
    • Desk Phase – Inception 
    • Desk phase - Finalisation
    • Field phase
    • Synthesis phase
    • Discussion seminar (if relevant)
    • Quality of the Final Evaluation Report
  • Reporting Requirements
  • The Evaluation Team
  • Work plan and timetable
  • Annex I: Key documents for the evaluation
  • Annex II: Layout, structure of the final report
  • Annex III: Methodological observations
  • Annex IV: Quality assessment card
  • Annex V: The standard DAC format for evaluation report summaries


European Commission, (n.d.). Terms of reference. Retrieved from website: