video series

How do these conceptions of complexity help us think and act?

This is Part 2 of a three part series of video lectures conducted by USAID on complexity. This lecture features Aaron Clauset, Rob Ricigliano and Alexa Courtney who focus on the question 'How do these conceptions of complexity help us think and act?' The lecture begins by looking at predictability and unpredictability in terrorism and civil wars then moves on to a range of tools that can be used for grappling with complexity.

What is a complex system and how is it different?

This video presentation from Chris Wood, Michael Quinn Patton and Ben Ramalingam for USAID looks at complex systems and how they are different from the norm. The presentation begins by focusing on concepts and methods for exploring complex and adaptive systems and then moves on to the niche and implications of complexity and then finishes with a discussion of complexity and foreign aid.

52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 47: using video to communicate evaluation findings

goneil's picture 18th November 2013 by goneil

In the last in our series of blogs on using video in evaluation, Glenn O'Neil joins us to discuss how you can use video to communicate your evaluation findings. The BetterEvaluation rainbow framework explores how you can help your evaluation findings have impact - why not consider using video as a practical tool in your communication strategy?

52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 46: An ethnography of evaluation - learning about evaluation from the inside using video

Paul Barese's picture 14th November 2013 by Paul Barese

Conveying the complexities of the evaluation process isn’t easy, but video is one way to tackle the challenge. Quimera is a film company which was contracted to record the process of evaluating the USAID Growth with Equity in Mindanao III (GEM 3) project in the Philippines. In the second blog of our series on video in evaluation, Paul Barese from Quimera offers a few thoughts about using video as an evaluation learning tool. 

52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 45: Participatory Video for M&E - unpacking how change happened

solemu's picture 7th November 2013 by solemu

It is time for another blog series on BetterEvaluation, and this time we will be exploring the uses of video in evaluation. Video is a powerful tool which can be used in many different ways and BetterEvaluation has only scratched the surface so far. Three experts will present three different uses of video in evaluation.