synthesising evidence from multiple evaluations

Demonstrating Outcomes and Impact across Different Scales

This research report from the Research for Development Impact Network demonstrates how evidence of outcomes and impact can be better captured, integrated and reported on across different scales of work for Australian NGOs working in international development. The report looks at some of the different methods available to reporting at different scales ‘beyond the project’.

When the best is the enemy of the good: The Nature of Research Evidence Used in Systematic Reviews and Guidelines

This paper, written by Marcel P. J .M. Dijkers for the Task Force on Systematic Review and Guidelines, examines the approach in evidence-based practice of using only the "best available" evidence and argues that this strongly disadvantages rehabilitation programs because of their nature. He goes on to state that the focus on the use of only the 'strongest' research designs shifts the focus away from researchers asking 'What is the best design to answer this research question?'