What would an evaluation conference look like if it was run by people who know and care about presenting information to support use? (hint - that should be us)

Patricia Rogers's picture 2nd March 2017 by Patricia Rogers

All too often conferences fail to make good use of the experience and knowledge of people attending, with most time spent presenting prepared material that could be better delivered other ways, and not enough time spent on discussions and active learning.  With closing dates for two evaluation conferences fast approaching (the Australasian Evaluation Society and the American Evaluation Association), could you propose something more useful, that would demonstrate how much we know and care about communicating and using information?

Week 49: The 1st international conference on realist approaches to evaluation: my ‘realist’ take-aways

Tiina Pasanen's picture 5th December 2014 by Tiina Pasanen

Tiina Pasanen is a Research Officer for the Research and Policy in Development (RAPID) Programme at the Overseas Development Programme (ODI). In this blog, Tiina shares her top three realist ‘take-aways’ from the 1st International Conference on Realist Approaches to Evaluation and reflects on when or how realist evaluation may be most useful.

Week 11: BetterEvaluation at AfrEA 2014

BetterEvaluation team's picture 19th March 2014 by BetterEvaluation team

BetterEvaluation was privileged to sponsor the Methodological Innovation stream at the African Evaluation Association (AfREA) conference from 3-7 March. What did we learn?

We set out with three questions to focus the panel sessions and workshops in this stream:

  • What are examples of effective innovation in evaluation?  
  • What kinds of innovation are needed to address unmet challenges?  
  • How do we support effective innovation - in terms of both inventing and adopting new methods and processes? 

Presentations from the African Evaluation Association Conference 2014

AfrEA logoThis is where you will be able to download the presentations from the African Evaluation Association conference 2014 in Yaounde, Cameroon. The presentations are still being collected by AfrEA. Please bookmark this page and come back soon.

If you presented at AfrEA 2014 and you haven't yet sent your presentation, please send to AfrEA: xxx clearly stating: