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How can you find useful information about evaluation to support your work in Albania? Here are some ways that BetterEvaluation is working with the Albanian Society of Program Evaluation to support you.

In this video, Fation Luli, President of the Albanian Society of Program Evaluation (ASPE), welcomes you to the site, explains how you can access to rough translation of all pages on BetterEvaluation, through Google translate and the plans to develop English translation of Albanian material.

Getting a rough translation of all BetterEvaluation pages

The BetterEvaluation site can help you work through a systematic process to plan, manage and conduct an evaluation. If you would like a rough translation of any page, use Google Translate and select Albanian.

Step 1: Click on Select Language
Step 2: Select Albanian

This will provide a rough translation of all pages.  For example here is the page about FRAMING an evaluation  - defining the questions to be answered and the values that will be used.

If you would like to help us improve the translation of any pages, please contact us through the contact form.

Albanian Society of Program Evaluation (ASPE)

You can find Information about the activities and goals of the Albanian Society of Program Evaluation on their web site here. http://www.evalbania.org/p1.htm

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