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The BetterEvaluation Rainbow Framework sorts more than 300 evaluation methods and processes into 7 clusters of tasks: Manage, Define, Frame, Describe, Understand Causes, Synthesise, and Report and Support Use. Each method and process has a number of curated resources linked to it. You can navigate through the Rainbow Framework to learn more about the different evaluation tasks, methods and processes, and find resources this way.

Or, if you are simply looking for resources to do with a specific method or process, you can use this form.

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Your RFP for evaluation services is terrible. You can fix it.

This 7-page guide assists with preparing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for evaluation services.

Your Detailed Evaluation Report

This online guide to creating final evaluation reports provides a setp-by-step approach to developing a final report.

Young Lives Methods Guide: Introducing Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing

This guide describes how Young Lives, an international study of childhood poverty, used Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) in place of paper based questionnaires. This allowed researchers to go into the field with questionnaires loaded onto their laptops, PDAs or tablets and then easily download and process the information when ready, increasing the speed with which it can be analysed.

You can be a better presenter - 25 tips for more effective presentations

This resource, written by Kylie Hutchinson with illustration and design by Jana Curll, is a friendly, practical and fun guide to giving presentations. It's aimed at those who are anxious about presenting and the tips inside will be useful for those new to presenting as well as those who have given many.

yEd Graph Editor

This tool, created by YWorks, allows the user to create diagrams using either imported or manually entered data.

Writing Web Logs

This paper from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) provides advice and tips on writing blogs in order to get a clear and concise message across.

Writing Terms of Reference for an Evaluation: A How To Guide

Developed by the Independent Evaluation Group of The World Bank. It provides a detailed description on how to prepare an evaluation Terms of Reference (ToR) and includes a checklist at the end to help users.

Writing Memos

This clear and concise guide from Purdue University outlines the process for creating memos.

Writing Guide for a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

This tool from the US Department of Homeland Security provides step-by-step guidance for writing an MOU.  It is laid out in template form with suggested headings for each section.  

Writing for the Web

"Writing for the web is unique - it provides an interactive experience for the reader which is very different to traditional print media."  (Riches)