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52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 25: Evaluators have feelings too: Two sides of the evaluation coin

Penelope's picture 27th June 2013 by Penelope

BetterEvaluation recently published a new paper, ‘Two sides of the evaluation coin,’ exploring what can happen when miscommunication, changing leadership and misunderstanding disrupt the smooth running of an evaluation: and what can be done to minimise these risks. Authors from both the evaluator and commissioner side wrote the report jointly. John Rowley, who was part of the evaluation team, has blogged on the paper, saying that ‘it deals with issues that profoundly affect program evaluations but which are almost never shared in an open and public way.’ His fellow-evaluator, Pete Cranston, has also blogged about what the experience taught him about the role of evaluation in learning, and the role of failure. Now their co-author Penelope Beynon, who was a commissioner for the evaluation, shares her side of the story, and argues for the importance of recognising the emotions involved in a bumpy evaluation ride: