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Launch of EvalPartners 2017 Innovation Challenges

BetterEvaluation team's picture 22nd June 2017 by BetterEvaluation team

As one of the EvalPartners, we'd like to share this EvalPartners announcement about the launch of the 2017 round of "Innovation Challenges". EvalPartners is a global partnership to strengthen national evaluation capacities. In November 2015, it launched the first ever long-term global vision for evaluation, developed during EvalYear 2015 through a participatory process with the global evaluation community. The Innovation Challenges are a great way to get involved in the implementation of the EvalAgenda.

Doing Development Differently means Doing Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Differently too

BetterEvaluation team's picture 7th April 2017 by BetterEvaluation team

This week, Arnaldo Pellini (Senior Research Fellow, Overseas Development Institute and Lead for Learning at the Knowledge Sector Initiative, Indonesia) and Louise Shaxson (Senior Research Fellow, Overseas Development Institute) reflect on some of the challenges around monitoring, evaluating and learning (MEL) from adaptive programmes.

Learning about learning in an adaptive programme

BetterEvaluation team's picture 21st March 2017 by BetterEvaluation team

Last week, we started our focus on Adaptive Management with a blog post by Patricia Rogers that explored how monitoring and evaluation can support adaptive management. This week, we're continuing this series with a guest blog from Fred Carden and Arnaldo Pellini, in which they discuss what they learned about adaptive management in a major project on developing capacity for evidence-based policy.

Week 11: BetterEvaluation at AfrEA 2014

BetterEvaluation team's picture 19th March 2014 by BetterEvaluation team

BetterEvaluation was privileged to sponsor the Methodological Innovation stream at the African Evaluation Association (AfREA) conference from 3-7 March. What did we learn?

We set out with three questions to focus the panel sessions and workshops in this stream:

  • What are examples of effective innovation in evaluation?  
  • What kinds of innovation are needed to address unmet challenges?  
  • How do we support effective innovation - in terms of both inventing and adopting new methods and processes?