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This week the Evaluation Torch, symbolising the spread of awareness and knowledge about evaluation, travels to Cote’ d’Ivoire for the first “Ivorian Days of Evaluation” (1 ERE Journées Ivoiriennes de l’Evaluation) (JiE 2015). 

Congratulations to all the contributors to the first Ivorian Days Evaluation, particularly Ministry of State, Ministry of Planning and Development; UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund; UNDP - United Nations Development Program; UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund; AFREA - African Evaluation Association, RFE - Le Réseau Francophone de l’Evaluation,  EvalPartners.

The following information has come from the concept note for the event.

Evaluative culture, like any new practice needs time, actions and regular awareness campaigns to integrate morals. Therefore, these days of discussions, sharing of information and training at the national, subregional and international will be a catalyst to promote the culture of Monitoring / Evaluation in Côte d' Ivoire. These days are open to the general public and especially to decision makers so that everyone recognises the importance of evaluation in the development and implementation of public development policies.

The presentations and workshops will focus on:

  • Theme 1: "Models and Tools for Policy Evaluation"
  • Theme 2: "institutionalization of evaluation templates"
  • Theme 3: "Impact Assessment and Development"
  • Theme 4: "Challenges of professionalisation and strengthening of evaluation capacity"
  • Theme 5 : "Evaluation constrained and complex assessment'
  • Theme 6: "Taking into account social equity and gender equality in an assessment"
  • Theme 7: "Evaluation of a rural -based intervention : Practical Case Study"

Day 1 Monday, February 9, 2015

Welcome and Opening Ceremony

Word of welcome from organisations

Declaration of the International Year of evaluation 2015

Panel 1: "What contributions can National Associations Evaluation make for successful emergence?"

This will be how some VOPEs (Voluntary Organisations for Professional Evaluation) can and have contributed to the development and emergence of their respective countries.

Presentation Workshops 1, 2 and 3

Day 2 Thursday, February 10, 2015

Panel 2: "Parliament and the evaluation and oversight of public action"

Comparative Analysis of various monitoring devices and government assessment. The panel will address:

- The role of Parliaments in the evaluation

- The role of the Courts of Accounts and Controlling Bodies Superiors regarding their new evaluation skills

Day 2 Thursday, February 10, 2015

Panel 3: "The evaluation of the economic and financial performance of public policies"

This panel will take stock of the various approaches to evaluation of the economic and financial performance of public policies in line with the emergence .

Presentation of Workshops 4 and 5

Plenary presentation of the three-day report

Closing speeches

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