EvalYear: EvalMENA International Conference 23-26 February 2015 (Post updated 6th March, 2015)

Patricia Rogers's picture 24th February 2015 by Patricia Rogers

The EvalYear torch is in Cairo this week for the Fourth International Conference of MENA Evaluation Network (EvalMENA), which brings together five national networks which form the main constituency of EvalMENA:

Conference organisers have provided the following information about the conference:

Advocating for more visibility, acceptance, and support for evaluation in the region, the conference will convene more than 150+ evaluators and policy makers. It will highlight the opportunities and challenges in mainstreaming monitoring and evaluation within the development agenda in the region during and beyond 2015. The conference will address key contextual opportunities and challenges for more evidence-based decision-making in MENA. It will discuss means to bridge the gaps between the evaluation and policy-making processes, by addressing both the data, practice and capacities challenges.

The conference will discuss the regional priorities post 2015 and attend to the implications of the proposed Sustainable Development Goals M&E framework in the region. The conference – and for the first time since EvalMENA came to birth in 2011 – puts a particular focus on youth by reinforcing a 20% quota of young evaluators (below 35 years of age) to take part in the conference. Other thematic areas of focus include media and gender and equity.

You can follow the conference through the EVALMENA FaceBook page and on twitter through the #evalyear hashtag.

To celebrate the EVALMENA conference, BetterEvaluation is delighted to launch the Arabic language version of the Rainbow Framework, thanks to the translation efforts of Mohammad Alsanie.


There are now English, French and Arabic versions of the Rainbow Framework available to support evaluation efforts in the MENA region.  The Rainbow Framework can be used to plan an individual evaluation, guide the development of evaluation policies and processes,  or to identify areas where evaluation capacity is needed.

Update (6th March, 2015)

Click here to find the detailed agenda of the recent EvalMena conference which contains session titles and information about presenters.

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