EvalYear: ReLAC conference, Lima 9-13 March

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This week the Latin-American and Caribbean Monitoring, Evaluation and Systematization Network (ReLAC) is holding its 4th International Conferencein Lima, Peru. The aims of the conference are to position the strategic role of monitoring, evaluation and the systemisation of decision making, learning and accountability of policies, programs and projects for the development agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean after 2015, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (Eng) (Spanish link).


The conference's central theme is "Futuro de la Evaluación en América Latina y el Caribe: Desarrollo, Equidad y Cultura" (trans. "Future of Evaluation in Latin America and the Caribbean: Development, Equity and Culture"). Building on this framework, the conference will discuss:

1) Evaluative organisational culture and development

2) Approaches to gender equality, diversity, interculturalidad (interculturality), and human rights in the evaluation

3) Institutional assessment

4) Participation, transparency and uses of assessment

5) Evaluation of results and impact

6) Professional development, training and demand for evaluation

7) Standards and skills for evaluation.

Getting involved

You can find information about the conference on the the website including a live stream of it here


You can find details about the conference program online. Among the presenters are Osvaldo Feinstein and Jean Quesnel.


You can find detailed information about the workshops here, or click for an overview of the workshop program.

Tweet about ReLAC

You can join in the conversation about ReLAC on Twitter using the hashtag #ReLAC2015

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