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innovation - 3 by nyoin, on FlickrWe’re delighted to be participating in this week’s conference - Impact, Innovation and Learning: Towards a Research and Practice Agenda for the Future - being held in conjunction with the launch of the Centre for Development Impact (CDI), a partnership between the Institute of Development Studies and ITAD

The event aims to shape a future agenda for research and practice in the evaluation of development impact. 

You can attend this conference virtually through a live-stream or by viewing the recordings. To register to watch any of these sessions online please contact Tamlyn Munslow at t.munslow(at)

I will be presenting a paper "Towards a draft agenda for research into impact evaluation of development" on Day 2, discussing different types of research that are needed and different research questions that need to be answered.

The conference starts on Tuesday 26 March at 10.15am In Brighton UK (click here to convert this to your time zone) and continues on Wednesday 27 March from 9am (click here to convert this to your time zone).

You can access videos of the main presentations at the conference webpage.


Day 1: March 26

10:15-11:15 Keynote 1: Are Development Evaluators Fighting The Last War? Bob Picciotto (King’s College, UKES, EES)
11:45-12:25 Paper Session 1: Why Systems-Based Impact Evaluation? with Elliot Stern, Editor of Evaluation (chair), Bruno Marchal (Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp) and John Grove (Gates Foundation)
14:30-15:10 Paper Session 2: Complex Systems in Impact Assessment: Applications with Ben Ramalingam (ODI, chair), Aaron Zazueta (GEF), Peter Loewe (UNIDO)
16:45-18:15 Panel Session 1: Values and Learning in Critical Systems Thinking with Martin Reynolds (Open University), Bob Williams (Bob Williams), Richard Hummelbrunner (ÖAR)

Day 2: March 27

9:00-10:00 Keynote 2: Towards a Research Agenda for Impact Evaluation of Development Patricia Rogers (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, live from Australia)
10:30-11:10 Paper Session 3: Scientific Standards and Rigour with Barbara Befani (IDS, EES, chair), Laura Camfield (University of East Anglia) and Richard Palmer-Jones (University of East Anglia)
13:15-14:00 Paper Session 4: Credible Evidence of Impact with Chris Barnett (ITAD/IDS, chair), Giel Ton (Wagenigen University), Barbara Befani, John Mayne (live from Thailand)
15:30-16:00 Bridge: Towards a More ‘Impact-Oriented’ Institutional M&E System: Common Challenges and Potential Solutions from a UN Perspective with Jos Vaessen (UNESCO) and Oscar Garcia (UNDP)
16:00-17:30 Panel Session 2: How to Create the Conditions for Innovative Research and Practice in Impact Evaluation Panel Session with Elliot Stern (chair), Lina Payne (DFID), Marie Gaarder (World Bank), Colin Kirk (UNICEF), Ole Winckler Andersen (DANIDA), Oscar Garcia (UNDP)

Image credit: innovation - 3 by nyoin, on Flickr

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