Week 31: Welcome! Bem-vindo! Bienvenue! Mirë se vini!

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This week we're highlighting non-English content areas, resources, and events. We recognise the importance of information in a range of languages which is why we are:

  • Providing translations of English BetterEvaluation pages and other content
  • Making non-English resources such as examples and guides more accessible on BetterEvaluation
  • Translating material from other languages into English

Our non-English content areas can be accessed at the top of every page through the BetterEval:World link.

Access non-English content on BetterEvaluation

We currently have 3 non-English content areas, all under development at various stages: Portuguese (Bem-Vindo!), French (Bienvenue!), and Albanian (Mirë se vini!).

Bem vindo ao BetterEvaluation em Português!

This section, written by Cristina Sette (CGIAR), contains information on:

  • Useful websites such as the Rede Brasileira de Monitoramento e Avaliação
  • Blog posts either written in or translated into Portuguese
  • BetterEvaluation resources such as the "Arco-Iris"
  • Other resources written in Portuguese
  • How to translate content into Portuguese using Google Translate

Click here to view the Portuguese section

Upcoming event: Associação para o Investimento Social Privado: Estratégia Organizacional

Contact us or Cristina Sette if you'd like to contribute content or translations in Portuguese. 

Bienvenue à BetterEvaluation en français

This section is our newest non-English section and is early in development. Find useful information on:

Click here to view the Français section

You might also find event this useful: Réseau Francophone de l'Evaluation: FIFE DE DAKAR - 27 au 30 octobre 2014

Mirë se vini në seksionin shqip të BetterEvaluation!

This section, written by Fation Luli, President of the Albanian Society of Program Evaluation (ASPE) features a video introduction to BetterEvaluation by Fation in Albanian including instructions on how to access translations of the site and the plans to develop English translations of Albanian material.

Click here to view the Albanian section.

Selamat datang!

Coming soon - an Indonesian collaboration.

From the Indonesian Development Evaluation Community (InDEC) Facebook page.

Help us develop non-English and multilingual content

You can contribute to a multilingual BetterEvaluation by:

  • Sending us resources in different languages
  • Translating content
  • Letting us know about different evaluation associations and events across the world

Contact us if you would like to get involved.

Search for content in your language

While we may not yet have developed a section for your language, there are still many multilingual resources on BetterEvaluation. You can search for them using keywords in your own language in the search bar.


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