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We're thrilled to be able to join the Australasian Evaluation Society at their 2017 International Conference in Canberra. We'll have a booth set up in the conference exhibition area and we'd love you to come say hello and join in the fun as we use our time at the AES to work with our members, website users, and the wider evaluation community to co-create and share knowledge about evaluation.

What you'll find at the BetterEvaluation booth and how to connect with us at the conference:

Daily evaluation challenges (with co-created and crowd-sourced suggestions)

Come help us solve some common sticking points in evaluation. We'll be putting up a common challenge on our board each day and asking AES audiences what options they'd suggest to solve it. We'll collate the responses into a shareable format on the BetterEvaluation site so you can check back in to see what everyone comes up with.

These will include challenges like:

  • What are some effective, options for supporting use of evaluation, apart from listing recommendations in a report?
  • How can we collect data about people’s experiences without using interviews or surveys?

If you're not coming to the conference you can let us know your ideas in the comments.

BetterEvaluation resource and website help

Perhaps you have your own challenge that you're having trouble finding good information on? Or aren't quite sure how to find what you need on the BetterEvaluation website? Come by and let us know your problem and our BetterEvaluation Website Coordinator (that's me -> Alice Macfarlan) will do her best to guide you through how to use the site and what resources might be useful for you. If we can't help you then and there, we'll follow up with you after the conference.

Book give-aways!

There are some great new books on evaluation that have been published by BetterEvaluation members. We have three to give away. Can you guess which ones we've chosen? Hint: One of the books has a chapter by one of the Keynote speakers. Visit our booth and fill out an entry form to enter. 

A chance to tell us what you really think of us!

No really. One of the big things in the works for BetterEvaluation is some consultation about how and why you currently use or would like to use the site. We're really excited about this as it means we'll be able to work with you to improve the site to create better access to relevant information and networks and together help improve evaluation practice. We'll be talking a lot more about this in months to come, but we're looking forward to starting some of these conversations with you at AES. 

Connect with your fellow BetterEvaluation members

There are so many good presentations on at the AES this year, it can be difficult to know where to start. To help, we've used the AES 'My Sched' tool to go through and create a curated list of sessions that include at least one BetterEvaluation member as a presenter or session chair. The full list of BetterEvaluation members who are presenting is here (if we've missed you, please let us know).

View the session list here.

Sessions about specific BetterEvaluation projects

If you're interested in learning more about specific projects that BetterEvaluation has been involved in, or joining discussions about topical areas in evaluation that will feed into expanding the content on the site, here are three sessions that we're involved in:

Learn about the Managers' Guide to Evaluation and the GeneraTOR

Session: Supporting managers to use evaluators more effectively: A Program Manager's Guide to Evaluation - Greet Peersman (Tuesday, September 5 • 09:30 - 10:30)

Join BetterEvaluation's Deputy Director, Greet Peersman, at this session on the Managers' Guide, which was developed to support project/program managers to more effectively plan and manage evaluations. The session will provide an opportunity to discuss ways of supporting a partnership between evaluators and evaluation managers as well as provide a demonstration of the Guide (which incorporates the GeneraTOR). Participants will be able to access the free resource and additional linked resources during and after the session. You'll also be able to have a closer look at the Guide and GeneraTOR by visiting our booth.

Join the discussion about capacity building and professionalisation in evaluation 

Session: Professionalisation of evaluation: Possible pathways within the AES context - Greet Peersman and Patricia Rogers (Tuesday, September 5 • 14:30 - 15:30)

In this session, Greet and Patricia will present an overview of 41 approaches that can and have been used for professionalisation in evaluation and other related fields, and seek feedback on their recommendations that the AES focuses, connects and augment its current activities to increase motivation, capacity and opportunity for evaluators and evaluation. In the coming months, we'll be drawing on this work and reviewing the BetterEvaluation Develop Evaluation Capacity page, which already incorporates a number of these approaches, and so coming along to this session to give feedback will be a great way to contribute to this.

Session: Using innovative methods in evaluation – what’s needed?

Monday, September 4 • 14:00 - 15:00

Join this discussion with the BetterEvaluation team on what individuals, the AES and other organisations can do to support the use of innovative methods in evaluation.  We will look at a number of recent innovations and discuss what strategies are needed to support people to be able to apply them .  BetterEvaluation has an ongoing interest in showcasing innovative methods (here are previous blogs and other resources on this) and supporting their appropriate use.   


See you in Canberra!

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