Let's talk about Sustained and Emerging Impacts Evaluation

Alice Macfarlan's picture 10th February 2017 by Alice Macfarlan

Last week we launched our newest theme page Sustained and Emerging Impacts Evaluation, authored by Jindra Cekan (Valuing Voices), Laurie Zivetz (Valuing Voices), and Patricia Rogers (BetterEvaluation/ANZSOG). The page argues for the need to go back and evaluate the impacts of a project or programme some time after the end of an intervention, and gives some advice on how to do this. 

This week, we wanted to open up the floor to you and hear your thoughts about, and experiences of, embedding SEIE into evaluation practice.

We'd love you to share:

How do we incorporate  'emerging' impacts into the scope of post-project evaluations, so they don't only look at intended outcomes and impacts?  

Have you ever conducted an SEIE (or post-project evaluation)?  If you have, how did you do it?  And what were some of the barriers you faced and resources you were able to draw on?

What do you think needs to be in place for our evaluation practice and funders to move beyond the funding cycle and do an evaluation of what has been sustained some time after a project or programme ends? What would help to make this type of evaluation more widely undertaken?

Do you have any other comments or questions about SEIE?

We've already had some insightful comments from BetterEvaluation users on this. Head on over to the SEIE page and scroll down to the comments at the bottom to join the conversation.


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