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We've had a number of great resource contributions come in over the past couple of weeks and so we thought we'd take the time to highlight them here. BetterEvaluation relies on the contributions of members to share and co-create knowledge about monitoring and evaluation, and we feel extraordinarily privileged to be a part of a community of people who are working together to help improve evaluation practice around the world. Thanks to all our contributors - both the recent contributors highlighted here as well as the long list of people who have shared their time and knowledge with us over the past 5+ years. If you're interested in finding out how you can contribute, you can jump to the end of this post.

Data party resources contributed by Corey Newhouse :

Dabbling in the Data

The guide and toolkit, Dabbling in the Data, includes detailed instructions for teams to use to delve more deeply into quantitative and qualitative data. Designed for those who may be reluctant to dig into data to inform their planning process, Dabbling with Data offers a variety of activities that can be combined to lead teams through meaningful conversations about how to turn data to action.​ Read more.

Get More from Your Data: Three Steps To Success

This sample session agenda takes teams through a three-part set of conversations about their data: Scan, Diagnose, and Prioritize. This simple set of activities can be done in one sitting or over time and engages teams in a rigorous process of meaning making and action planning. Read more.

Corey also recently contributed to a BetterEvaluation forum discussion on innovative workshop methods to engage people in M&E who might be hesitant towards or resistant to evaluation - you can have a read of this discussion and add your own ideas here.

A special thanks to the contributor of these resources
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Founder and Principal, Public Profit.
Oakland, United States of America.

Impact Evaluation  resource contributed by  David Raitzer.:

Impact Evaluation of Development Interventions: A Practical Guide​

This guide written by Howard White and David Raitzer (available as a free PDF download) offers guidance on the principles, methods, and practice of impact evaluation, covering experimental, quasi-experimental and regression-based designs and approaches (not non-experimental approaches such as process tracing, qualitative comparative analysis, QUIP or comparative case studies). It contains material for a range of audiences, from those who may use or manage impact evaluations to applied researchers. Read more.

A special thanks to the contributor of this resource
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Economist, Asian Development Bank.
Mandaluyong City , Philippines.

Sensemaker resource contributed by  Becca Smith:

Using SenseMaker to Understand Girls' Lives: Lessons Learnt from Girl Hub​

This 4-page brief discusses how Girl Hub used a story collection research methodology called SenseMaker to help generate girl-centred evidence to inform girls' empowerment interventions. The brief outlines what Sensemaker is, provides examples of Girl Hub's experience in practice, and reflects on future implementation. Read more.

A special thanks to the contributor of this resource
Resource Suggested By
Consultant, Consultant.
London, United Kingdom.​

Spanish resources contributed by Myrna  Rivas:

Mirada colectiva a indicadores y estrategias exitosas: Guía de consulta para organizaciones sin fines de lucro que trabajan temas de educación y desarrollo económicoRivas, M. (2014). Mirada colectiva a indicadores y estrategias exitosas: Guía de consulta para organizaciones sin fines de lucro que trabajan temas de educación y desarrollo económico. San Juan: Fundación Banco Popular.​ Retrieved from:

This reference guide summarizes the characteristics and positive results of successful projects in education and economic development. This guide promotes that non-profit organizations, specially those supported by Banco Popular Foundation (Puerto Rico), ponder, discuss and critically comprehend the so-called best practices, scientifically-based, research-based or evidence-based projects. Read more.

Guía Práctica para la Evaluación del Desempeño Gubernamental

Rivas, M., Cordero, Y., Segarra, E. (2016). Guía práctica para la evaluación del desempeño gubernamental. San Juan: Centro de Estudios Multidisciplinarios sobre el Gobierno y Asuntos Públicos (CEMGAP), UPR, y Oficina de Gerencia y Presupuesto (OGP)​. Retrieved from:

The Guide has the objective of serving as a practical tool to public agencies and corporations of Puerto Rico in the evaluation of their annual performance by incorporating a self-analysis model through which they can register and present the information of their entity and the work they do in a comprehensive, integrated and visual way. Read more.

Plantilla o tablero de la Guía Práctica para la Evaluación del Desempeño Gubernamental

Rivas, M., Cordero, Y., Segarra, E. (2016). Plantilla o tablero de la Guía Práctica para la Evaluación del Desempeño Gubernamental. Retrieved from:

This dashboard provides a self-analysis evaluation model. It is very visual and easy to understand. It provides an opportunity for public agencies to register and present what they do in a comprehensive, integrated and visual way. Read more.

A special thanks to the contributor of these resources
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Associate Professor, Graduate School of Public Administration, Universidad de Puerto Rico.
San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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