Week 15: Fitting reporting methods to evaluation findings – and audiences

Rakesh Mohan's picture 11th April 2014 by Rakesh Mohan

A few weeks ago we responded to a question from BetterEvaluation user Rituu B. Nanda on interesting ways of presenting data in evaluation reports. The conversation continued on the American Evaluation Association LinkedIn group. This week we're sharing some ideas from Rakesh Mohan on ways of making evaluation reports more interesting. Rakesh is Director at the Office of Performance Evaluations, Idaho State Legislature. He discusses how his team presented the findings of different evaluations which were intended for both policy-makers and public audiences.

Week 13: Producing engaging and accessible evaluation reports

Patricia Rogers's picture 24th March 2014 by Patricia Rogers

This week we start the first in an ongoing series of Real-Time Evaluation Queries, where BetterEvaluation members ask for advice and assistance with something they are working on, together we suggest some strategies and useful resources - and then we find out what was actually useful (or not) and why.  

Recently BetterEvaluation member Rituu B. Nanda  asked us for advice on producing interesting evaluation reports:

Week 11: BetterEvaluation at AfrEA 2014

BetterEvaluation team's picture 19th March 2014 by BetterEvaluation team

BetterEvaluation was privileged to sponsor the Methodological Innovation stream at the African Evaluation Association (AfREA) conference from 3-7 March. What did we learn?

We set out with three questions to focus the panel sessions and workshops in this stream:

  • What are examples of effective innovation in evaluation?  
  • What kinds of innovation are needed to address unmet challenges?  
  • How do we support effective innovation - in terms of both inventing and adopting new methods and processes? 

Week 9: Innovation in evaluation part 3: what’s the latest in advocacy evaluation?

Julia Coffman's picture 3rd March 2014 by Julia Coffman

Julia Coffman is Director of the Centre for Evaluation Innovation. In the third blog of our innovation in evaluation series, she looks some recent innovations in a notoriously tricky area: advocacy evaluation. Last week, Thomas Winderl explored how development evaluation must evolve to meet the challenge of complexity and responsive planning. This week we’ll be reporting from the African Evaluation Association’s 7th international conference, where BetterEvaluation is supporting a strand of conference presentations and posters on methodological innovation.

Week 6: Evaluation with and by, rather than for or of, children

Jessica.SinclairTaylor's picture 7th February 2014 by Jessica.SinclairTaylor

BetterEvaluation hosted a webinar this week with Sonal Zaveri and Mallika Samaranayake of the Community of Evaluators South Asia, on working with children in evaluation.

Working with children poses particular challenges for evaluators, including safeguarding and enabling children to express their opinion where they may not be used to doing so. In the webinar, the presenters discussed three major issues:

Why children’s voices matter