Week 3: Working with children in evaluations

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Children are one of the most vulnerable groups to work with, meaning there's a lot to consider when planning an evaluation that involves children. For example, is the evaluation of children's knowledge, feelings and actions; are we doing evaluations with children; or is the evaluation by children. Involving children requires a different set of skills and tools, especially if the evaluation is to lead to the children's own reflection and empowerment.

52 weeks of BetterEvaluation Week 1: 2014 evaluation-related conferences [Updated 3rd Feb]

Patricia Rogers's picture 2nd January 2014 by Patricia Rogers

Happy New Year!  As you start filling in your diaries and calendars (desk, wall or electronic), make some space for at least one of the evaluation conferences listed below.  

Even if you can't attend in person, many conferences provide webcasts of key sessions or make presentations available afterwards. For example, here are some links to sites with materials from previous evaluation conferences:

52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 51: Strategies for commissioning evaluations successfully

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Earlier this year I co-taught a course on Evaluation for Public Sector Managers with the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG), using BetterEvaluation to structure the course and as a key resource. In one of the sessions, we generated with participants useful strategies, processes or tasks for managing an internal or external evaluation. The results provide a useful checklist for anyone commissioning an evaluation in the public sector, but is also useful for those working in other sectors.

52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 49: Evaluation e-learning in Spanish and Russian

Patricia Rogers's picture 4th December 2013 by Patricia Rogers
While most of the evaluation resources on the BetterEvaluation site are in English, we're keen to provide access to resources in other languages.  In 2014, making the site more accessible in different languages will be one of our priorities.

Remember, you can get a rough translation of any page on the site using the Google Translate button.

52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 48: What does COP19 mean for monitoring and evaluation professionals?

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For the past few weeks the international climate change community, from national negotiators to NGOs and campaigners, has gathered at Warsaw for the 19th ‘conference of the parties’ (COP), hosted by the UNFCCC. Dennis Bours is team leader of SEA Change community of practice, which focuses on monitoring and evaluating climate change interventions in Asia and beyond.