Evaluating Policy Influence and Advocacy

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Thematic page on Evaluating Policy Influence and Advocacy provides an overview of issues, specific options and examples for evaluating programs, projects and organizations that engage in advocacy and policy influence. It discuss four categories of policy influencing techniques and approaches: Advising, Advocacy, Lobbying and Activism (drawing on the work by Start and Hovland). The page provides links to a number of useful resources, including, The Art of Assessing the Impact of Advocacy Work by Barry Coates and Rosalind David and the Guide to Monitoring and Evaluating Policy Influence prepared by Harry Jones as part of the Overseas Development Institute’s series of background notes.

MX008S03 World Bank Fishing boats, Curt Carnemark, on Flickr

Image: MX008S03 World Bank Fishing boats, Curt Carnemark, on Flickr

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