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User personas and user journeys - key parts of our UX process

Nick Herft's picture 15th March 2018 by Nick Herft

A few months ago we started gathering data on the user experience (UX) of the BetterEvaluation website. We developed user personas to describe our primary audiences, sent out a UX survey, and we've recently finished a series of interviews and observation studies. We've learnt a huge amount about the BetterEvaluation community and the areas of the website that work well/can be improved, and today I'll be sharing a few key parts of our process and how you can stay involved as we move forward!

Thanks for taking part in our user survey - here's what we've learnt

Nick Herft's picture 12th January 2018 by Nick Herft

We've now completed the first component of our user research - the user survey.  Thank you for the helpful feedback  from 50 different countries and from a wide range of users, including evaluators, people who sometimes do evaluation, evaluation managers and users, people involved in evaluation capacity strengthening, students, and others.  (If you missed the chance, we're always pleased to get feedback through our contact form).

Participate in our user experience survey

Nick Herft's picture 28th November 2017 by Nick Herft

We've received a lot of useful feedback since launching our user experience survey. Alongside the positive, we've gained insight into some of the difficulties experienced when using and navigating the BetterEvaluation website.

Thank you to everyone who has completed the survey! All of this feedback has been incredibly helpful for us to understand what's working well and what needs improvement.

M&E resources: send us what you've found useful!

Nick Herft's picture 14th August 2015 by Nick Herft

We're trialling a new format for member-contributed resources and we want you to try it out. This new format focuses on collecting more descriptive information from the contributor about how they used the resource and who they think would find it useful. Our goal is to build a collection of relevant1 & credible resources, with descriptions that enable people to quickly determine if the resource will be applicable to their needs.

Week 42: Dot plots, bullet charts, slopegraphs and more. We've updated our visualise data section!

Nick Herft's picture 28th October 2014 by Nick Herft

Following up from Stephanie Evergreen's seminar on Presenting data effectively, we've been working with her to improve our Data visualisation section. We've added new charts, updated descriptions and examples, and linked to more resources to help you develop charts.

New charts

We've added 7 new charts to our data viz section:

Week 31: Welcome! Bem-vindo! Bienvenue! Mirë se vini!

Nick Herft's picture 6th August 2014 by Nick Herft

This week we're highlighting non-English content areas, resources, and events. We recognise the importance of information in a range of languages which is why we are:

  • Providing translations of English BetterEvaluation pages and other content
  • Making non-English resources such as examples and guides more accessible on BetterEvaluation
  • Translating material from other languages into English

Our non-English content areas can be accessed at the top of every page through the BetterEval:World link.

Week 28: Evaluation conferences

Nick Herft's picture 11th July 2014 by Nick Herft

Conferences are a great way to connect and learn with the evaluation community. Earlier this year we shared a listing of conferences for which we received useful feedback from our users. This week we're highlighting a new page which lists upcoming evaluation conferences from around the world. Check out the new page here. Are we missing any? Let us know in the comments below. We'll be updating this page as new conferences emerge.