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PhD in M&E - any source (certificate courses?)

Dear Forum members, 

I am new here (this is my first post here). I am Jaideep Visave, originally from India and currently working in Italy as Research Assistant. I am very much interested in developing my career. I do have 9 years of work experience in DRR (disaster risk reduction - i.e. international development program evalluation) programmes but not specifically in M&E. So i want to grow in M&E. 

I checked some best courses like IPDET but the fees are very high and i cant afford it. For scholarships, i am not eligible. So, feels like trapped here. 

I do take IFRC M&E certificate and also PPP certificate offered by IFRC. but i dont know how much this is useful to get the job. 

If you have any other reputed sources with scholarship or free courses, then please let me know. I am also thinking to do my PhD in M&E. 

Thank You, 

Yours Sincerely,