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Best practice tools & processes for learning and knowledge management

Hello all, interested to hear how you systematise learning and knowledge management in your organisations and what are the most useful tools and processes you've used for this.

Specifically, what tools and processes have proved most useful for:

a) eliciting learning (from both internal and external sources) 

b) capturing/storing the learning derived (ideally in one place) so that it can be easily accessed and put to use (KM tools) 

c) Distilling the learning and converting it into knowledge products

It strikes me that the learning part of MEL is often not very well systematised - lots of good individual processes and tools are adopted for a) above (eg. after action reviews, case studies, reports etc) but managing the information derived from these processes in some sort of central place and turning it into really valuable knowledge that can inform programming decisions and also strengthen sector understanding doesn't always seem to happen. Interested to hear the best practice.