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What to call our taxonomy?


We’d like your help with some wording for the website. Next week we will be implementing a new home page design – see attached for an artist’s impression. We’re very pleased with this and feel it will add a huge amount of value to the site, but in the process we have had to make certain choices about labels and names for things.

One of the most important of which is the taxonomy – the unique way in which BetterEvaluation categorises options into evaluation tasks, and tasks into clusters (manage, define, frame.. etc). You can read more about it in the attached pdf (note that this is an earlier version and has evolved since).

We’ve had a few different names for it so far, none of which we are completely happy with. This is where you come in… can you help us come up with a new name for the taxonomy?

So far we’ve had two names for it: ‘the taxonomy’ (which we use between ourselves but feel it is too scientific sounding) and ‘the BetterEvaluation Framework’ (which is better but is a term already overused and easily confused). We even considered not having a name for it and just referring to it as the clusters of tasks. But seeing as the taxonomy is one of the unique selling points of the website we felt it had to have a name of its own.

Other ideas we’ve considered:

The BetterEvaluation Rainbow’: we’ve used this in the past to describe the diversity of tasks and options, and is a metaphor that inspired our logo and branding. We’re not sure that we can actually get away with using it as the name of the taxonomy though.

The BetterEvaluation Spectrum’: sticking with the rainbow theme but going for something more professional sounding.

Or perhaps you can suggest something completely different?

We’re grateful for any suggestions you have.

Many thanks,
Simon and the BetterEvaluation Team


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