Decide how decisions about the evaluation will be made

What it is: 

There are many decisions to be made in an evaluation including: the focus of the evaluation (including the key evaluation questions); choosing the evaluator / evaluation team; approving the evaluation design; approving the evaluation report(s) and who can access them.

It is important to be clear about who will be involved in making these decisions, what their role will be and how the decisions will be made.

Always check if existing processes and structures can be used; if these are not appropriate or adequate, then new ones may need to be established for the purposes of the specific evaluation. Also consider any pre-established agreements such as, for example, partnership agreements.

Control of the evaluation process may be centralised in a dedicated manager or committee or it may be shared by a working group involving representatives from many different stakeholders. It is important to describe clearly each actor / entity's role to avoid confusion, duplication of effort or things falling through the cracks.


  • Evaluation management plan
  • Decision making matrix
  • List of responsibilities of the evaluation manager
  • List of responsibilities of the evaluator
  • Evaluation partnership agreement
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Great resource! Tried to find a compiled document for ease of reading and reference though but couldn't find it.


Alice Macfarlan's picture
Alice Macfarlan

Thanks for the feedback Marianne! Creating a compiled, PDF version of the Manager's Guide is something that we've talked about so thanks for sharing your feedback on this.


Le contenu est très intéressant par contre la traduction pourrait être améliorée pour faciliter la compréhension

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Pedro Oliveira

Good afternoon!
My name is Pedro and as an academic I am very interested in deepening my knowledge on evaluation of social projects. Once that you have this platform so well organized, I wonder if you could send me a pdf version of this excellent manual?
Thanking you in advance, congratulations for this wonderful site and all the infoimration gathered in it.

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Patricia Rogers

Thank you for the feedback, Pedro. We are looking at the best ways to provide a PDF version.

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Muhammed Masud Rana

Hi there!!

Appreciate if you kindly provide me with the PDF version of the entire Manager's Guide. I am a distance learner on M&E. 

With kind regards


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Anniza Burnett

Has the PDF version been developed yet? 

Kind regards

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Trust Makhurane

As an M and E person, I find it quite useful to have such an informative and clear evaluation preparation path guiding document. Please share the whole document for easy of reading. Thanks in advance

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Md. Abdur Rouf Sarder

Dear Sir

Please help me that how I make a TOR for a Transport Management Software.


A Rouf



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