Scope of work

A Scope of Work (SOW) is a plan for conducting an evaluation which outlines the work that is to be performed by the evaluation team.  It contains references to milestones, reports and deliverables and should include a timeline for deliverables and end products. 

"A good SOW usually

  • identifies the activity, results package, or strategy to be evaluated
  • provides a brief background on implementation
  • identifies existing performance information sources
  • states the purpose, audience and use of the evaluation
  • clarifies the evaluation questions
  • identifies the evaluation method to answer the questions
  • discusses evaluation team composition and participation of customers and partners
  • covers procedures such as schedule and logistics
  • clarifies requirements for reporting and dissemination
  • includes a budget" (USAID, 1996)



Preparing an evaluation scope of work: This guide from USAID provides a range of tips and advice on the use of a scope of work.


Checklist for Reviewing Scopes of Work for Performance Evaluations: This evaluation checklist was developed by USAID to support, review and strengthen scope of work (SOW) during the evaluation planning stage.

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