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Open online courses

Effective and Creative Evaluation Report Writing - In this course, students will learn best practices for effective and creative report writing specific to evaluation reports. Learning points and practical exercises are combined to develop skills in putting together an effective and engaging evaluation report.

Cutting-Edge Monitoring & Evaluation: A Guide for Practitioners - This course lays the ground for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) by considering challenges in current M&E practice, introducing a tool-box of evaluation techniques and showing where these can be best applied. 

How to Be a Successful Evaluation Consultant - This course provides the opportunity to learn how to establish, manage and maintain an evaluation consultancy.

Managing the Politics of Evaluation - This course considers some of the challenges that evaluators and evaluation managers face when striving to have an impartial evaluation of a programme.



AES + AMSRS Joint Queensland Symposium: Engage, Empathise, Empower! Using Behavioural Insights to understand the decision maker
Australia - 18th November, 2018 - Paid

This symposium is for anyone interested in human behaviour and decision making. Whether that means to identify where policies, process and practices by applying findings from behavioural science could improve public wellbeing, program outcomes, and program cost effectiveness, or developing design strategies by using the insights from behavioural science theories.

CESBC 2018 Evaluation Conference
Canada - 30th November, 2018 - Paid

The CESBC 2018 Evaluation Conference is being held in Vancouver, BC, on Friday, November 30. This conference is about opening up our evaluation toolboxes and sharing what we know and what we’ve learned. Every attendee should come away from the conference with something new to use in your work. This is an opportunity to share your most trusted tools, expand your toolbox, and build new connections.


Evaluation Failures: Case Studies for Teaching and Learning
Online - 19th November, 2018 - Free

It’s often said that failure is the best teacher. In this webinar, three well-known evaluators (Kylie Hutchinson, Benoit Gauthier, and E. Jane Davidson) share their real-life evaluation blunders and ways to incorporate their lessons learned into the classroom. Professional evaluators, instructors, and evaluation students are encouraged to register for this event, which will include an audience question and answer session following a lively discussion. Space is limited, so register today.


AES Workshop: Introduction to evaluation
Australia - 26th November, 2018 - Paid

This workshop is aimed at those who are new or inexperienced in the evaluation field. Its purpose is to outline the key concepts, terms and approaches that are relevant to commissioning or conducting evaluation projects. The workshop will step through the set of activities that are most often involved in framing, conducting and reporting on evaluation findings. It will also introduce participants to the AES Evaluators’ Professional Learning Competency Framework, along with further sources for new evaluators to continue building their skills and knowledge in this field.

AES Workshop: Cross cultural evaluation
Australia - 29th November, 2018 - Paid

The context for this workshop is the idea that different cultural values have an influence on the notion and practice of evaluation in diverse contexts.  In practice, the workshop aims to support evaluators who undertake evaluations in multi-cultural settings or in cultural contexts other than their own.  It provides a framework for understanding cultural value differences and an opportunity for discussion about the implications of this framework for evaluation practice.  The workshop proposes a set of approaches, skills and tools that may be useful. 



AES Workshop: Commissioning better evaluations
Australia - 4th December, 2018 - Paid

This one-day course has been custom designed for people who want to commission better evaluations. It is for people with a role in planning, commissioning and managing evaluations. It is suitable for beginners through to those with a few years' experience.  The training is interactive and hands-on, with lots of practical examples and group activities through the day to keep the blood pumping and the brain ticking. It will provide you with tools that you can start using immediately..



Online Course on Gender Transformative Evaluations (for Indian nationals based in India)
Online - 7th January, 2019 to 17th March, 2019 - Free

In May 2018, Institute of Social Studies Trust launched an online course ‘Facilitating Gender Transformative Evaluations’, in which 20 evaluators and researchers from across the country participated with great enthusiasm. Applications for the second round of the online course are now open. Developed by a panel of eminent evaluators and mentors who have extensive experience of working on gender and evaluation globally, this is a free, 10 week, beginner-intermediate level course. Participants will have a chance to interact and learn from the course conveners throughout the course. 



Social Science Research Methodologies Workshop: Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance
United Kingdom - 7th February, 2019 - Free

The event aims to provide introductory training in social science research skills utilised across the current Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Theme 4 research programmes that is supported by the Antimicrobial Resistance Cross Council Initiative from the seven research councils in partnership with other funders. The event includes two parrallel workshops: Workshop 1 – Ethnographic methods and face-to-face interviews; Workshop 2 – Realist review.



Evaluating and Managing for Sustainable Development Impact
Netherlands - 18th March, 2019 to 5th April, 2019 - Paid

The development landscape has changed significantly over the last few decades, becoming increasingly complex. Many of the issues we face today, such as climate change, poverty and conflict, call for a new way of doing business, so as to collaboratively contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Managing for Sustainable Development Impact (M4SDI) approach has evolved to support leaders and development practitioners how to navigate this complexity and manage their initiative/organisation successfully towards sustainable development impact. The M4SDI approach is an integrated, results oriented management approach, which can be used across a range of sectors and domains in a variety of contexts. It addresses some of the most pressing concerns, such as engaging primary stakeholders, designing effective strategies and related monitoring and evaluation (M&E), focusing on capacity development, and responding to change in a complex context.