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Managing for sustainable development impact course 2017

The Centre for Development Innovation's course, Managing for sustainable development impact course 2017, will link the theory and concepts of the Managing for Impact (M4I) approach and put M&E at the service of your core management processes. Learning will be highly interactive; participants will receive individual coaching by peers and course facilitators and will be challenged to translate the content to an approach that is appropriate and feasible back home.

20th March, 2017 to 7th April, 2017
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The course programme will address four interlinked fields of study:

1. First things first

Learn about principles and practice of strategic thinking, foresight, change management, interactive processes, the learning organisation and conflict management. This builds up a strategic attitude that needs to underpin the other areas of learning. You will also find out what is on international agendas concerning M&E to position your work in a relevant (development) policy context;

2. Knowing what you need to know

Learn about what is involved in developing a proper understanding about a situation in which we want to make a difference. This relates to situation analysis, visioning and developing change scenarios;

3. Understanding what it takes to make a difference

Learn about translating context understanding and strategic foresight to strategic design and effective operations. You will learn about new methods such as articulating theories of change/action and how to work with commonly used tools such as the logical framework;

4. Are we doing the right things and are we doing things right?

Learn to develop appropriate M&E plans based on clear information needs (and indicators), intended users of M&E information and how to activate M&E towards effectively informing management decision making. This includes the need to give account of efforts and investments to key stakeholders. You will also explore practical implications such as needed capacities and conditions for M&E in particular, and for managing for impact in general.

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