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How to Manage, Design, and Conduct Impact Evaluations - CLEAR-SHIPDET Center

This technical course introduces impact evaluation as a key instrument for determining project/program effectiveness, informing policy development and improving program designs. 

1st August, 2016 to 12th August, 2016
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It covers commonly used econometric and statistical methods to evaluate the impacts of social and other programs in developing countries. The course includes both randomized and non-randomized methods. We will also cover other practical aspects, such as managing an impact evaluation team, planning and implementing data collection, and disseminating the results of the evaluation.
Delivery of the course consists of lectures, class exercises, and group work. Many of the exercises will involve case studies using data from actual programs that are discussed in the lectures. Participants will also have an opportunity to determine options for evaluations for their own programs. 
This course is highly technical. In order to benefit from the course, participants should review the prerequisites before applying. Please send any questions about the technical nature of the course to the course organizers to determine if this is a good fit for you. Though the course is technical, it will also address policy implications and practical applications.
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