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SRA: Digital methods for qualitative research

Researchers using communication technologies for online interviews or focus groups, or to study posts, Tweets or documents, must think carefully about the implications of each design decision they make.

United Kingdom
12th May, 2015
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Greater London
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This is a foundation level course run by the Social Research Association (SRA). In this hands-on training, participants will learn how to apply holistic design thinking for studies that use one or more method of online data collection:

  • Extant: Studies that rely on existing data posted online or included in archives or databases, or through online observations.
  • Elicited: Studies that use data elicited by researchers' questions or visual prompts through online interviews (1-to-1 or group), participant observations or through written exchanges in open-ended questionnaires, narratives, journals.
  • Enacted: Studies that generate data through online simulations, games, role-plays or other highly-interactive research events.

Participants can use their own research projects for the exercises, or use cases provided by the tutor. Please note that familiarity and some experience with qualitative methods will be beneficial.


  • An introduction to the Qualitative E-Research Framework and the Typology of Online Visual Methods
  • Aligning purpose and design through all aspects of the study
  • Selecting Extant, Elicited and/or Enacted methods to collect data
  • Selecting Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) and milieu
  • Using visual methods with diverse ICTs including web and videoconferencing, virtual worlds or social networking sites from mobile devices or computers
  • Addressing ethical issues


By the end of the seminar participants should be able to:

  • Appreciate the specific need for a holistic, systems-thinking approach to designing research that uses technology.
  • Understand key questions to ask in each area of the research design.
  • Know how visual communication, elicitation and collaboration can be carried out online.
  • Apply and further develop the ideas in exercises. After the training they can build on the exercises to design their own research, or use the approaches with their own students.

Who will benefit: 

Social researchers across all sectors, as well as those who teach qualitative methods or supervise research. Familiarity and some experience with qualitative methods would be beneficial.


Tutor: Janet Salmons​​
Price for SRA members: £195
​Price for non-SRA members: £260
​Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Registrations for this course will not be accepted after 11 May 2015 at 6.00pm.