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Applications of Multiple Regression for Evaluators: Mediation, Moderation, and More

United States
2nd November, 2011
Event City: 
Anaheim, California

Multiple regression is a powerful and flexible tool that has wide applications in evaluation and applied research. Regression analyses are used to describe relationships, test theories, make predictions with data from experimental or observational studies, and model linear or nonlinear relationships.
Issues we'll explore include selecting models that are appropriate to your data and research questions, preparing data for analysis, running analyses, interpreting results, and presenting findings to a nontechnical audience. The facilitator will demonstrate applications from start to finish with live SPSS and Excel, and then you will tackle multiple real-world case examples in small groups. Detailed handouts include explanations and examples that can be used at home to guide similar applications.

Note: Above course description is taken from the AEA website course link

Organization: American Evaluation Association

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